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Better scripts submission for creative developement



Motion Pictures Company



Designed a complete script submission, talent tracking and deal workflow system to replace creative development departments manual email and spreadsheet-based method. The system included call logging app with relational links to script submissions or projects. 

Based on the success of the initial project further developed a matching system for Acquisition department. 

Both systems are interrelated so that talent is mutually tracked as they were related to potential submissions or acquisitions. As reader feedback is entered automation updates talent records with the level of recommendation, genre and sub-genre information. Writing talent can be searched for based on these recommendations. 


As films are considered for acquisition, automated processes checks for matching earlier script submissions and alerts staff to create cross references to previously stored notes and information based on the earlier script submission. 


Real-time statistics and data are displayed as the data is created so there is no need to wait for weekly status meetings. Valuable historic information such as most submissions,  the best source of submissions and much more is readily available. 

Real Estate Company



When it comes to buying properties for cash, the speed to the deal is critical.


This client had a previous consultant set his business up on a platform other than Podio. In the end, what he got was a solution that was only 85% of what was desired and needed. 

Merging a traditional lead/opportunity flow into a hyper-efficient conversion to deal and property acquisition was achieved by creating customized automated workflows that allowed nearly push button conversion to a standard real estate offer form that was populated with data from Podio and presented ready to be signed and given to the owner. 



Additional automation takes call data acquired from CallRail and matches it to existing leads allowing for quantifying source traffic. 

Real Estate Investment Call Data via Podio, Globiflow & Callrail
Live Podio data allows Globiflow to create meaningful and effortless dashboards
Creative Agency





This client had a robust five workspace Podio setup but despite covering all the elements of their creative business from Research and Development to Post Production and Administration the team did not feel the system was delivering a smooth workflow. 


After mapping out the flow of their work against the existing Podio workspace, we were able to provide a solution that:


  • Maximized the existing workspaces by creating relationships between different data sets and applications.

  • Increasing clarity as to who owns an item vs. who is on the team. 

  • Created Endeavor application for tracking efforts on non-client related tasks such as re-building website or testing of new technology and even onboarding of temporary staff. 

  • Helped client break down projects into small elements through the use of task application.  


Created automation to index progress bar based on completion of specific actions allowing for more automated tracking of post production projects. 


The end result provided more transparency, remote collaboration and less email.





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